Strange Familiar Space

Hans Mortelmans and tibaldus

By analogy with a saying of a friend of mine:
'Everything is shouting trough, nobody doesn’t understand somebody, what a horreur, a horreur!'
- Gogol-
Especially the word ‘horreur’ is charming. I, personally, would say horror.
but by making it more french you come already little further out.
- Hans Mortelmans in Strange Familiar Space

Strange familiar space is a presentation of a text of Hans Mortelmans. He construct himself as a figure and as a writer by using sensible and nonsensical, strange and familiar truths and falsehoods, inspired by George Perec, Nikolaj Gogol, Jacques Tati, Stendhal, Maurice Sendak and many others.

The staging is formed by Simon De Winne, Timeau De Keyser, Ruben Desiere and Simon Van Den Abeele.
Also Seppe Gebruers played some piano.


text and presentation by Hans Mortelmans

music Seppe Gebruers

image of the scene Ruben Desiere, Hans Mortelmans, Simon De Winne, Timeau De Keyser and Simon Van Den Abeele.

photography Pieter Dumoulin

production Tibaldus in association with School of Arts, Gent