Horse: an opera

When a horse is being brought into a small society, things start to unravel. This strange happening makes sure the members of this society have to rethink their positions with each other and with the horse itself.

'Horse: an opera' is one of many 'Horse-plays' Tibaldus created next to 'Horse: a musical' and 'Horse: a solo'. The Horse is like a ghost wandering around the scène and the plays of Tibaldus. A vivid image that collides with the world of the characters. A symbol that is constantly reinterpreted and reused. Sometimes the horse illustrates the beginning of an event, sometimes it is only a silent witness to what happens on the stage.


by Timeau De Keyser, Simon De Winne, Hans Mortelmans

by and with

(2013, 2015) Loes Carrette, Lieselotte De Keyzer, Sander De Winne, Pieter Dumoulin, Jan Goris, Peter Janssens, Luc Loots, Max Pairon, Diede Roosens, Anemone Valcke, Lucas Van den Abeele, Lieven Gouwy, Dounia Mahammed, Simon Van den Abeele, Oscar Willems

(2010) Ruben Desiere, Charlotte Dhaenens, Rilke Eyckermans, Oliver Roels, Adrian Sack, Wietse Tanghe, Rasmus Van Heddeghem, Frances Lefebure, Brecht Vermeersch

music led by Lieven Gouwy and Sander De Winne

technician and decor Simon Van den Abeele

photography, film and design Pieter Dumoulin

thanks to Yves Callens, Mieja Hollevoet, Jan Steen.

production Tibaldus

in coproduction with Theater Stap

with the support of Flemish Government and Stad Gent.