Horse: a solo

Schrijf, schot, slurf, schrijf, schot, slurf, snurf
Schuif, schuif, schuifje, schuifje, klein schuifje

- Hans Mortelmans (by Hans Mortelmans)

Horse: a solo is radical search to the meaning of an actor and the theatre text on the modern stage. A search of the relationship between text-actor-spectator.


by Hans Mortelmans

with Hans Mortelmans, Alice Bogaerts, Simon De Winne, Wietse Tanghe, Oliver Roels, Rasmus Van Heddeghem, Seppe Cosyns, Adrian Sack, Brecht Vermeersch, Timeau De Keyser, Oscar Willems, Silke Huysman, Maxim Storms, Katrien Valkenaers, Loes Carrette en vele anderen

production Tibaldus in association with School of Arts, Gent