Ivona, Prinses of Burgundia

The King looks around suspiciously. He hides behind the canapé.
The chamberlain enters the stage. He looks around warily and, as if by chance and without any plan, maliciously starts to move the furniture around: he displaces a chair, rolls up the edge of the carpet, inverts the books in the bookshelf, strews plum stones across the floor, etc. He sees the King.

THE KING What might these gallant interferences in the world of objects mean?
THE CHAMBERLAIN I’m just strolling around to make it a little…
THE KING To make a little what?
THE CHAMBERLAIN To make things a litle complicated.

For this new piece, Tibaldus gets to work with Ivona, Princess of Burgundia (1935), a theatre play from the hand of the Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz. Through the figure of Ivona, the actors rephrase the text, the play and themselves.


by Timeau De Keyser

by and with Simon De Winne, Hans Mortelmans, Eva Binon, Lieselotte De Keyzer, Benjamin Cools, Ferre Marnef en David Van Dijcke

photography, film and design Pieter Dumoulin

production tibaldus in coproduction with TONEELHUIS

Thanks to Les Ballets C de la B, KOPERGIETERY, NTGent, IN DE RUIMTE, CAMPO